Cutie Honey Universe #04 — Plans Within Plans

April 29th, 2018


"She must not be harmed" declared the woman who just made three superhumans with swords and guns for hands.


I have trouble understanding this episode. Mostly in the vein of "The writing can't really be this terrible, can it?" But then we remember the second half of the episode, which is mainly comprised of about an eight minute groping scene. So yes, it can be that terrible, and perhaps, is only getting started. To review though, the good guys' master plan was: "Let Honey be captured, and we'll use this bug to find their hideout." The bad guys' plan was: "Tell Honey she should let herself be captured, and then we'll have captured her." And judging by the comments at the end of the episodes about how their scheme was thwarted, yes, that was indeed the extent of their master plan.

Honey's plan was: "Knock out all the guards, and create a fake body." Apparently nobody simply noticed that the entire truckload of dudes was unconscious. Also, the tracker didn't work, but that's cool because they quite literally totally forgot about the whole "find the hideout" thing anyway, and yet, somehow found her regardless. Also, her master plan at the end was to disguise herself as a statue of herself. And then just sit there indefinitely, despite the baddie walking right up to the statue, shouting "I GUESS SHE GOT AWAY" and then wandering off for good. Again, no subterfuge here. You're supposed to take that at face value.

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