Caligula #03 — Brought to You By Eating Disorders

April 22nd, 2018


That thing's voice sets me on edge.


Guess the honeymoon's over here too. No action at all this week, and they stumble out of the crisis thanks to some especially awful asspullery and antagonist having a spontaneous breakdown the moment their gimmick was declared. Like, literally, they were fine with the rant about how evil fat people are, but the moment someone said "Hey, wait, aren't you actually fat too?" That was their complete and total undoing and they ran out crying. They could've at least bothered to make the tea party more of a body horror thing, but that would've probably required establishing that everyone involved is actually people, and doing a bit more than abruptly inflating them. At least make them into minibosses or have them eat each other or something.

 And speaking of which, the big evil plan there was to simply announce what the audience was shown two weeks ago, that whose-her-face unknowingly asked for her simulated mother to be changed to a different fake mother, ergo MENTAL TRAUMA ANGST HOW CAN I GO ON. So not only was it trying to make a mountain out of something minor from two weeks ago that it just as easily could've dropped, but it was especially stupid about it. On top of not even being the instrument of her own rescue, that means that the sum total of everything protagonists actually did this week was rant about how much they hate fat people. 

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