Caligula #02 — Failure to Communicate

April 15th, 2018


Good lord, is that magical pet thing irritating.


This entire episode was built around practically every conversation being mumble mouthed stammering and a collective failure to communicate any useful information whatsoever. It's especially galling because most of the information it's going out of its way to attempt to obfuscate is patently obvious, either by the premise or even just by the damn OP. The big reveal at the very end is a collective reveal to all the awakened characters, half of which I'm not even sure exactly why they're trying to flee the city, that they're trapped in the Matrix. Yeah, I feel like we could've gotten that about 15 seconds into the episode and been none the worse for wear. Hell, do it when the whole world glitches up and all the NPCs go to glitch-face and you'd still have ten minutes to work with. Even all the fussing over "OH MY GOD, YOU'RE SHOOTING PEOPLE WITH A HAND CANNON" ends up being idiotic when it takes until the damn end of the episode to reveal all that's actually doing is knocking the Agent Smith out of them.

It was, however, a hell of a lot less internal narration psychobabble rambly this week, which was appreciated. It's doing a better job of being any kind of tense thriller than the things that style themselves as one as well. That'll no doubt change as it continues to fully morph into a Persona clone. They still could be doing a hell of a lot better though. There's a lot of ground they could've plumbed of trying to make sense of being suddenly dumped into a world of monsters that your friends don't see or recognize, and this largely squanders it, having basically none of the awakened run into anybody but NPCs until it was song and monster time again.


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