Butlers #01 — Contains No Butlers

April 11th, 2018


Unless your definition of a butler is just people who are fashion challenged.


Directing… That's the thing you do where you put a character up against a pastel background, cover the screen in sparkling effects, and run a drumstick across a cymbal, right? Then this has loads of directing. Not entirely sure what else though. The post-ED… note, not OP, ED bit contains more story than the preceeding twenty two minutes of the episode, and even that's just two guys holding hands as the sparkle overtakes them. It's basically a twenty minute tour of characters, each less interesting than the last, but just as sparkly. There's some extremely vague intimation that something could've happened and the most-focused-on dude is checking that out, but he does so by being led around by the nose by every single vapid idiot that crosses his path and occasionally staring intently at things. Settle down there, Sherlock. We don't want to be getting to the core of the mystery of what the hell your show is supposed to be about or what your personality is too quickly.

It's boring. Full stop. End of story. It has boys. They sparkle. That's as far as it feels it even needs to try to go. And this is as far as I feel I need to follow it.


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