Warming up the Tanxx #09 — Oh The Humanity

March 10th, 2018


But first, birthday day, the day of having birthday presents.


Well, not as dismal as the last couple episodes, but still another inispid Care Bears episode where the entire dramatic side is basically a character or two shouting about how much they care, until the power of caring eventually saves the day because, despite it not being the statistically prudent thing to do, they cared enough to defy the odds, and caring is the true caringness. Put in some damn effort at least. The problem is not that they care, it's that they spend the entire time making speeches about it instead of actually going to the end of their ropes, the most desperate ploy, the impossible action in the face of certain failure. When you always win on your first try, you're not actually struggling. Frankly, I think I could get more into it if they did bare their stomachs, display front tramp stamps, and shout "CARE BEAR STARE!" It wouldn't have made any less sense than a giant exploding jellyfish whose only self-defense is to self-immolate, and once a mech is lodged in its craw, doesn't even do that. It just spends the rest of the episode sitting there patiently. Also, why are we killing the defenseless hydrogen-based megafauna again? 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Twenty years ago this would have been a 4, maybe 6 episode OAV. But no one does OAVs any more, and there was a half year of programming that had to be filled with something other than baseball or sumo, so the Concept had to be stretched to fill 24 or so episodes.

    I’m guessing that making 24 episodes of Caring is cheaper than making 24 episodes of Rousing Action (less animation needed?) so Caring won out and that is what we will continue to see.

    I find it disappointing because I would love to see 24 episodes of Rousing Action in a 21st Century anime… (maybe the upcoming new-again Lupin in France series?)

  • abc says:

    Then i suggest you watch the US Movie “Crank” and “Crank2”. You will love it, nonstop action.. some kind of