Quarreling in the Spanxx #08 — Spat of the Sexes

March 3rd, 2018


I think we can put to bed any thoughts about this being an insightful show now.


Oooooh, boy. This begins with rap and they're fighting a monster who functions as a sprinkler, spewing out blue goo that does nothing but dissolve female clothing. Despite the waterfall of goo falling half a foot away from the guys, splashing all over the cockpits, not a single iota of their clothing is affected. This would be the inciting event for the episode. Because that is a bridge too far for the girls. That is the unacceptable sexualization of them that shows the lack of respect the boys have, and they therefore need to draw a line down the dorm, past which the boys are not allowed to cross.

Let's just skip past the 'hilarious' events used to fill the time, like how they wanted to show how serious they were about drawing a line in the sand and instead got walked in on naked in the bath while 02 was stealing their underwear to cause an extra double double misunderstanding while being a extra double triple manic pixie girl… because that's basically the only thing that happened in the intervening time… and go right to the big finale. The event that resolved everything and brought them back together. They got a little weepy about it. That's it. One of them got especially weepy and cracked a photo. Nothing actually happened to cause it. No challenge that forces them to confront their immaturity, or brings an epiphany, or finds some new thing in anybody's whatever. We were just getting too close to the end of the episode, and had to wrap things up, so everyone sat in a circle, restated "Wait, I think we're friends after all," and had some nice, platonic handshakes. The end.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Aren’t these kids a bit too way selfconscious considering they don’t even know what a kiss is?
    I mean, is a bit weird they are worried at being naked and looking girls naked when they don’t even know what sex is.

  • jgoi says:

    Futoshi’s gonna die. His waifu is eying the asshole.