Grancrest War #11 — Suicide is Painless

March 16th, 2018


You now, I've never actually watched M*A*S*H. Maybe I should.


So apparently the first half comes to a close with a damp fart by killing off half the characters it kind of focused on, but not really, for no purpose other than to show that the wannabe antagonists are super duper serious, or something. It's nice that the main characters bothered to show up in the closing seconds of the episode. Maybe after the recap next week, they can rejoin the story for the first time since the werewolf episode over a goddamned month ago. I guess I can tell you who the principals of this 'arc' were supposed to be, just based on who was hanging around at the various deaths and/or who died, but that would still be fraught with error because there were characters I'm 90% certain we hadn't seen at all prior to this episode also dying and killing, while the ones who had been built up as the murderers/rapists to beat patiently sat on the sidelines and twiddled their thumbs.

It boils down to killing some exceedingly tertiary characters that results in no change to anything. And this took a goddamned month to work through, so now we need to take a week off to rest and recover before reinventing itself yet again into… whatever the hell direction it's going to go in. Maybe two weeks, if one of these broadcast schedules is right. It can't be worse than the direction it spent the last month pursuing, but it's going to take a concentrated bit of sucking from the new season for me to be willing to hang on with this. They can start by answering the questions "Who are you?" and "Why does this matter?" And have an answer more convincing than "Uh… eternally unseen monsters?" At least, if I even bother to give it a chance, which is in severe doubt.

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  • jgoi says:

    I’ve only seen about 20 mins of M*A*S*H in 15+ years; 10 of those minutes this year. Usually I only listen to its theme.

    Was 10 mins better spent over giving any of the SOL yuri moe shows 30 seconds.