Grancrest War #10 — Wavy Navy

March 9th, 2018


I have no idea who that girl is, but she was the only one I think I empathisize with in this show.


Since there was no random sex this week, I can probably just copy paste the summary for episodes 8 or 9, but with slightly less hair piles. The show's completely lost track of… well, just about everything, but especially the characters. If we want to go on some extended sidestory showing the rise of an antagonist or important side character, fine, but we're not doing that. We're getting about four different pseudo stories that are vaguely interlinked in that they all have to do with political and logistical maneuvering going on somewhere, but it's just a bunch of filler scenes that aren't actually serving any purpose, advancing the story, or doing damn near anything. The stakes are vague, the motivations flimsy, and the goals unclear… at least when they're not comically idiotic like "I'm declaring war on the world to bring peace." The closest thing is the random action bits which continue in the vein of Recurring Character Effortlessly Murders Everything Around Them. I feel like I've completely lost even the already tenuous connection I had to the show as it continues to fumble around without purpose or direction.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Neclord X says:

    This reached a point where this people personally agravate me. The Queen aims for the unification through war when everything she needed to do to achieve that end was to marry the guy she loves, instead she chooses the path with thousands of victims. The only “competent” leader in the other faction rejected the absolute control of the army, which could have lead to a Swift victory with less deaths for some random pride reason. The arab guy killed his family just to move from one side to another side where he clearly puts in risk more men (while was in the other side he just fought himself didn’t sacrifice his people). Its as if every leader in this show wanted to cause as much innocent deaths as possible.

    Weirdly enough the only competent lord seems to be the “idiot” prince, that at least is consecuent with its charácter and just wanted to marry the queen to get peace.