GARO – Vanishing Line #21 — The Adventures of the World’s Stupidest Idiot

March 9th, 2018


Gambling on Sophie's brother being a compelling character was a very poor move.


…And made even worse by the two minutes of recap to start things out, followed by about five more minutes of catchup, and then, after the opening shots of the fight (which brings us all the goddamned way to the halfway mark), we switch to a flashback. A flashback that reveals… that he's not just an impossibly clueless rube, but a ridiculously ludicrously impossibly clueless rube. And having figured that out, the total despair makes him turn into some kind of alien thing. Or maybe a face that lives in the alien thing.

Which leaves only a minute or two to wrap up the miniboss fight… except not even that. Here I was thinking he'd just shoot an exploding or wide-area shot, but no. The two of them both shot at the same time, causing the bullets to collide, which cast a spell that shot more bullets, thereby creating an opening for him to shoot the real killshot, except that she teleported away. It's hard to even type that, let alone understand. The rest of the midbosses are having a siesta, apparently.

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