Darling Franks #12 — Angst Explosion

March 31st, 2018




I began this episode thinking to myself "You know what'd be great? If they killed the protagonist. No, wait. That's aiming too low. What if they offed the entire cast?" Of course they didn't, but that I'm sharing my fantasies for a better world should clue you in that this was another aimless episode. 02's angst reached maximum angst levels, she's self-mutilating (but not in any way that actually be disturbing), and not even yelling that he likes her is enough to unangst her, so you know it's super duper ultra serious. Not that it comes from anything in particular, least of all their visit to the creepy nursery that, like so many other things in this show, seemed to be solely so that characters could have momentary mopey flashbacks. The weepies just got to be too much for her until she erupted in an explosion that sucked our hero into a metaphysical journey into her past, which was not the content of the episode, but the cliffhanger for next week. Still not to late to kill them all and reboot yourself into a revenge story, you know. Just putting that out there.


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  • The Phantom says:

    Implied that the dude is a clone of “Darling” who was possibly 02 long lost partner, foreshadow by her first comment to him “I thought you were dead”, she likely killed him. I thought the red skin girl was a future preview 02 but was actually a past memory thats something, overall is an interesting show they are at least trying to have a plot which is something.