Starling in the TanXXs #05 — Have You Tried a Cream?

February 10th, 2018


Add regular doctors to the list of things this world apparently doesn't have.


Welp, first arc over so it's time for a cooldown episode. In a show where 90% of the content is already undirected existential teenaging. The storyboard for this week seemed to only get as far as "pulsating tumor" and "one girl slaps another for not being teenagery enough," so it didn't have any kind of even superficially cathartic action bit to cap things off. Just melodrama on on top of more melodrama. Drama is a spice, not the meal. Salt on salt on salt on salt. 

At least have some kind of inciting incident for things, and the very existence of the world and the fact that we are all insecure teenagers is not an inciting incident. That way there's at least something to react to; something going on in the world that gives it a little damn life. Hell, do multiple things. If you want to have a big cast, and have them all show up every single episode, then focus in on some of them and show that they have their own lives with their own relationships and their own things going on, not just a single thing (not) happening at any given time, and the reaction to it always being to clutch one's chest at the heavy burden of having to deal with it… except for the manic pixie girl of course. Her job is to pour ketchup on everything and jump on the bed! She won't be held down by your teenage angst… except when accused of not having enough of it so she can show that she's truly the angstiest of all.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Something says:

    It’s really another Kiznaiver huh. Just looking at the caps makes me tired of angsty teens.

  • Haba says:

    Well duh, they are not angsty teenagers ‘cuz they don’t understand what angst is!

    …but soon

  • Longing says:

    You know what? That’s a fair point. We know almost nothing about this world. We don’t understand the stakes. We don’t understand what the “energy” they’re “kissing” to get is. We don’t know why it’s important. It’s been five episodes, and the basics of world building haven’t been addressed. Instead, they’ve focused all their energy on shoving these 1 dimensional side characters down our throats. Tell me what a parasite is! Tell me why you have weird anime robot girls! Tell me why you control them with their butts! Tell me why having klaxor blood (or whatever it is) makes her robot better! EXPLAIN SOMETHING, DAMMIT!