Moment by Moment #05 — “I’m Not Touching You!”

February 4th, 2018


How many episodes are they going to string out fussing with the tree monsters just for curiosity's sake exactly?


This is where we part ways. This show continues to go absolutely nowhere and it hasn't shown the slightest hint that might change. The entire first half was consumed by the thrilling backstory of Cultist D, which turns out to also be the origin story of Monsters C, D, and E. Said origin story is nothing more than "accidentally ended up in timestop land and got stuck." The most 'interesting' part, to be exceedingly generous with the word, was about the third goddamned episode of experimenting to see what the monsters will let you get away with. The rest of the episode was the standard punching of a thug and cliffhanger about oh no, Family Member C may have been stabbed in some part of their body… unless it was Thug J. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Not a lolicon btw says:

    Watch Mitsuboshi Colors.

  • Neclord X says:

    Well, its for the sake of SCIENCE, they are doing right in poking the wasp nest to get info. Although when the cult leader himself needs to do the experimenting is a sign that they are seriously falling short of minions.
    I still wonder where did they get all this scum anyway. I would understand if they were fanatics, but more than fanatics they look all like thugs for hire. One can just imagine their sunday church sheet: “The congregation is in need of homicides, please if you know someone contact with my assistant”

  • abc says:

    The weak point of this Anime is also his strongest. it is the Time stop ability. Time is not moving forward, but new Enemys are around the corner