The Record of the Grancest War #01 — Rule Lawyering

January 5th, 2018


If you look on page 247 of the Extended Players Handbook, Ed 3, you'll see that I'm right.

Staff interview episode for Garo this week. Episode 13 is scheduled for next week. It's not dropped. It's just refusing to come back.


Boy, I pity the wedding planner here. "Can we have the ceremony literally anywhere besides in front of The Altar of Swirling Death? Please? No? Okay, well, uh… Death Altar it is." Who could have possibly seen this tragedy coming!? This introductory tragedy that lasted over a quarter of the episode. The writing in general is about seventeen shades of terrible, especially towards the end when everyone starts rules lawyering with the DM. Except that there is no DM. It's character dialogue. They literally talk about leveling up, and how now that they've reached a new level, they get a new random perk. They start spouting off particularly weird nonsense about the rules, and others are going "Damn! You got me there! You have to follow THE RULES. I guess I lose." I had seen people complain that the novels were there just to sell the D&D game they're based on, and Christ, I can believe it. It's like they took RPG tutorials verbatim in more than one place.

It would've been a pity if the rest of the episode had been up to snuff. Production is tolerable at best, but the fight scenes are jerky and full of cuts of closeups to the face/shoulder/feet, so taking very much from the shakeycam school of direction. The characters might be passable, but the hero is just the standard put-upon good natured farmboy from the styx with great potential and ambitions to Do The Right Thing, via going with whatever people tell him to do. The female lead's main power so far is to be a bitch, explain how good natured and farmboy and potentiality our protagonist is, and to recite The Rules. She desperately needed at least one moment where she actually did something. Instead, she talked about how fanservicey her clothing was while the camera panned up and down her body. Strong female character indeed.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    The girl is implied to be playing with him and she will get rid of him later, or maybe not, male lead is indeed atrocious, at least it is fast paced of sorts. Also starting the show decapitating people sounds awesome in my book. Is getting a pass for now.

  • Neclord X says:

    It was…tolerable, not a too much bad start for a first episode. At least the main character is not annoying as hell and/or yells at everything and the exposition was someway natural acompaning the events instead of just a Wall of text

  • ark noir says:

    self-insertion MC archetype detected!!!!!!