The Dragon King’s Work! #01 — Consistency is SHINY THING

January 8th, 2018


Maybe take the writer out back and beat them until they produce a sane script next time.


The first line that wasn't exposition didn't come until three minutes into the episode. It was "EEEEH!?" I'm sure it's possible for a show to come back from a dismal start like that, but this one felt like reinventing itself instead of trying. It shifted from ridiculously overblown melodrama and nonstop nonsensical exposition about how he was the bestest there ever was, but also totes sucking, shiftless, and just some goofus, into some very strained attempts at comedy. And by that, I of course mean yelling about the melodrama which isn't serious at all anymore, apparently, and literally everybody in a five mile radius is some manner of goofball. Because we have the attention span to spend the first quarter of the episode on exposition, but not on keeping a consistent tone. And then we get to the bit where the ten year old starts gasping and moaning, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, the camera shoved into her ass. She then takes a shower and wanders out naked, prompting the 'hilarious' bit where he falls on top of her.

In short, it's a mess. It spends the whole thing trapped inside a doormat dullard's head while he narrates every insipid little thing that happens, no agency of his own, just some obsession with X, where he's simultaneously apathetic, but also the bestest and most passionate about it whenever it's thrust upon him. All personality and life is relegated to the rest of the cast, and most of that is just by a matter of volume. You can completely forget about any kind of narrative either, the way it lingers around scenes just to do bits and narrate every little factoid about each individual character. I imagine it considers itself a comedy, but you sure as hell wouldn't know it from the first half of the episode. Basically your standard light novel adaptation, just about a particularly arcane activity that they get to spend an extra amount of time explaining and drama-ing over, and the signature magic girlfriend's age cut in half.

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