Soul Hunter #01 — ◉.◉

January 12th, 2018


We're not even going to discuss the character designs.


My favorite moment of this whole affair, and one that I think defines the whole thing, comes as one of them is infodumping to his pet cat. It cuts away to random shots of scenery, eventually deciding that there needs to be some kind of movement, so an almost completely unanimated bird flops onto a rock. That's the whole episode experience, summed up in a manner of seconds. A torrent of exposition and an almost comical lack of animation. Add in some CGI reptiles and a few fanservice pans up and down the sole female every single time she appears, and that's the whole package.

But let's review what happened this week as well. Our hapless hero unwillingly sets out on adventure, whereupon he's immediately defeated with barely any effort put in (but still at least five minutes of exposition about it) by the first guy he trips over. So he jumps right to the last boss, whereupon he's immediately defeated without any effort put in (but still at least five minutes of exposition about it). Boy, I'm sure enthused about this quest. Maybe things will really kick into high gear and he'll lose the next fight before even showing up (but still at least five minutes of exposition about it). Yeah, the total lack of a budget probably didn't help, but honestly, I'm not sure it did much to hurt it either. Go away, Jump show. You fatigue me.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    They made a remake about a battle shonen of the 90s, its even more rushed and worst animated than the original. what’s the point?


  • algorithm says:

    Is that a moomin?


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