School Babysitter #01 — Spontaneous Melodrama

January 7th, 2018


Let's just hit all of them.


Nothing says melodrama like a wide-eyed simpleton, drifting aimlessly through life, who spontaneously bursts into tears, whereupon the orchestra descends, along with some rando to declare the importance of emotions. Make no mistake, there is no comedy here, no matter how bad the art becomes. The closest is a droll statement or two. Those aren't the jokes though. Screaming "EEEEEH" is the joke. And I can count the number of instances of those on one hand, which seems like a blessing, but the shouting quotient is more than made up for by the prop du jour of small children. At least until the final five minutes, where it abandons all pretenses otherwise and simply wallows in the sheer emotional turpitude of not being 100% focused on family at all times, bawling its eyes out repeatedly.

Maybe that's coming off a little overly harsh considering that it struggled to hold my attention even at its best, although that having been said, I have no idea what I'd characterize here as "its best." It's another episode that's entirely introduction and tour of characters, with no thought given to setting up anything greater than "these people exist." These boring, shiftless, inert piles of screaming clay. Is it a comedy without jokes? Or a melodrama without any life to the dramatic elements? A question best left to philosophers.

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One Lonely Comment

  • pilangel says:

    I do not know, but I liked it, especially for pre-infant babies, and the emotional nuances of the protagonist. I have the premonition that the younger brother, Kotaro, is going to the other world.

    Sorry my bad english.