Moment by Moment #04 — “Oh Right, I Have Magic Powers”

January 28th, 2018


Whoa! This changes everything!


I mock, but those thirty or so seconds were probably the best the show's been to date. Mind you, it still wasn't particularly good, and the rest of the episode was back to the normal sitting around in a circle, expositing and reviewing past exposition, so it was still far from even mediocre, but hey, this time they added some guy gawking at boobs like a teenager. Shoot for the stars, Gene Studio. I also 'enjoyed' the flashback, to explain that she had her super powers all along. Not only that, but a super convenient form of amnesia that made her forget about not only her powers, but the entire timestop business. Now that's quality writing! But yes, for a brief, magical thirty seconds, the protagonists decided to fight back, mostly offscreen. And were then kicked out of the rest of the episode, probably for being just too darn exciting. At least that means that it didn't end with the same cliffhanger as the last three episodes for once. Talk about an episode full of surprises.

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