Moment by Moment #02 — Magic Tree Nomenclature

January 14th, 2018


Who the goddamned hell cares?.


As wide open as Sunday is, this show is testing the limits of my patience. This was another episode that was about 98% exposition, and particularly stupid exposition at that. Tree Monsters punish people who break the rules. What rules? Who knows! They cited only "messing with frozen people," and then not five minutes later, it's totally fine to do. Also, on the west side, we call them This, but on the east side, we call them That. And now let's review the scene where it smashed the guy's head for the third time. All this leading up to a particularly rapey 'cliffhanger' where Whose-Her-Face is right back to recaptured, where she began the episode. What breakneck progress.

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