Moment by Moment #01 — False Advertising

January 7th, 2018


I think the OP guy thought this was a Persona adaptation.


They should see if whoever they had do the OP is available to work on the rest of the show. Or the ED for that matter, although that'd be more relevant if they were making pornography. In any case, both of them seem to be for a completely different show. I'd love some kind of super stylish supernatural affair. I could demonstrably tolerate a stylish fanservice supernatural affair. Neither of those are what this episode was, although I'll be damned if the sound director wasn't giving it his all, so kudos to you, whoever the hell you are. Sadly, no music is good enough to save a show from itself when it decides to go on a timeout for a three minute walk and talk infodump, which is seemingly the entire 'personality' of one of the three characters that got any focus. And that was the ostensibly interesting part.

Which leads us to our recurring problem. A plotline does exist, but it crawls at a glacial pace. The entire first half is little more than dead space, doing nothing but establishing that the people who appear to be muggles are indeed pretty much muggles. Then they're revealed to be not muggles, but completely take it in stride, except for needing aforementioned infodump. Eventually, we get to the villains who have the same power, and the second reveal of tree time monsters roaming the Metaverse/TV World/Tartarus. You'd think that'd mean we're finally getting to the good part, but no. The episode's over. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I was expecting this girl to say at any moment “Thanatos!”, she never did but he kinda appeared anyway. Is an interesting show at least will give it a pass for now.