Märchen Mädchen #01 — X²+2x1xX+1²

January 11th, 2018


If that's how they understand math, it would answer a lot of questions.


Another hapless twatwaffle bumbling around, behaving without rhyme or reason for twenty straight minutes. I guess there's also a magic school and for some inexplicable reason, she decides "Hey, you know what makes sense when in a completely unknown place? Getting naked and running around." Got to titillate the audience somehow, and our motormouthed (at least internally) protagonist may as well be made a sex object. It's a step up from how she spent the first 15 minutes of the episode as a braindead mop, somehow come to life. Stay tuned, because we're going to be revisiting the sentiment of wasting most of the episode on establishing how big a trashpile your protagonist is in the very next post.

This was just plain bad in almost every conceivable way. It spends for-goddamned-ever and a day to get to what it advertised in the bloody opening seconds (and OP, and title of the episode), and it's glued to the head of a particularly bumbling twit who couldn't pour water from a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. She likes fairy tales, yada yada, is a magic girl. That's the whole episode. The yada yada is entirely filler; dead mom, stumbled onto the Hogwart's Express, took a bath. No arc. No development. No style. No substance. There is just a motormouthed nitwit self-narrating to the audience about how pathetic she is, followed by how nothing she does makes any sense. Why? Just… why?

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  • Anonymous says:

    “Hey, you know what makes sense when in a completely unknown place? Getting naked and running around.”
    Well, if its a cute girl then I don’t see the problema there. :D