Love is Yada Yada Rain #01 — Glistening Mop

January 11th, 2018


I'm overusing "yada yada" today because I'm feeling especially annoyed with this season.


To its credit, it doesn't make the middle-aged guy out to be creepy in this glorification of a romance between a 40 year old and a mop that's been brought to life with all the feelings, emotions, and powers of a mop. Like the last show, there's something to be said in Japanese media for a character who doesn't fill every single waking moment with exposition. And also like it, it doesn't fill the space with anything else instead either, unless you count the smooth jazz and particularly weird retro art and animation. No expense is spared when it comes to closeups of the protagonist's eyes so you can see them glisten with innocent, mop love. But everything else can apparently go shove itself, including things like dialogue or even any semblance of a plot.

And then we come to the end of the epsiode. I'm assuming that someone snuck in a page from either the pornography they're moonlighting on, or an obsession-thriller, and the director simply went with it. We get the same innocent glistening of the eyes as our soulless reanimated escapee from Mickey's Fantasia Mop Apocalypse grabs some dirty laundry, rubs it all over her face, and takes a huge whiff. What innocent teenage romance. What joy young love is. What a fantastic way to end such an enthralling episode. Maybe next week, she'll graduate to rooting through his trash for his toothbrush so she can suck on it.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I was expecting something around the lines of:

    “Something about everybody’s hair disturbs me. It’s like they all showered in crisco. It never moves, and it glows with the same unearthly light in both night and day.”