Killing Bites #03 — Pity Party

January 26th, 2018


Nothing makes me love characters more than everyone in the show repeating how pathetic they are.

First sidenote, apparently the T&A Seven Deadly Sins sequel/spinoff is just 5 minute boob bounces. Uh, weird. Second, Beatless's third episode was better than the second, in that it was only 16 minutes of being godawful in the exact same way. After that, the fight between robot girls started, and then immediately stopped again after our glorious protagonist declared ownership. And the promo for next week was like "DUDE, MAN, EVERYTHING IS SO SERIOUSLY SERIOUS NOW," and my eyes just rolled. I don't think I can take it, and believe me, this show is already straining my nerves. 


Although that said, this episode was painful, so maybe I'll swap those two next week. Or throw them both in the bin. The story continues to absolutely crawl and most of the cast seems to exist just to tell us how terrible the mains are. The one I feel the most kinship with is the narrator, because he's clearly high off his ass on peyote and whippets, in a world of exploding laser blood and god only knows what else. Watching this makes me wish that I was too.

About a third of this was just baldfaced fanservice. A bunch of horny nerds literally spawned out of the ether and berated them into dressing up and flashing their underwear. Then we come to the next third, the recitation of how terrible not only the protagonist is, but how godawful the new character is. Way to race to the bottom. The big lesson here is "We suck so SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much, but sometimes we're useful." Note that the protagonist wasn't. And the new character's big moment of usefulness was… wait for it… noticing that there was a second character standing behind the first. With that knowledge, badger could… wait for it… bother to attack, thereby immediately winning. Somehow, the token recitation of KILLING BITES IS STRONGEST FANGS or whatever the hell it is was one of the more intelligent parts of not only that scene, but the entire episode.

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