Killing Bites #02 — Improper Toilet Etiquette

January 19th, 2018


How exactly do these werepeople stay a secret from society again?


This wins the coveted award "Not As Relentlessly Godawful as Beatless's Second Episode." Which is a very low bar, but probably still lets it scrape by, especially in a season as awful as this one. Besides that, though, I'm not sure there's a whole lot of ground to cover besides just iterating through all its utter nonsense and expressing incredulousness at it. Like how porcupines are apparently an apex predator, or how badgers are now the most invulnerable of all animals. Someone might want to get turtles on the line, but god only knows what bizarre trait they're going to say they have. Probably the ability to regrow their shells and launch exploding eggs.

Anyway, basically the same as last week, but with fewer rape vans and the screaming slightly offset onto other people. The male lead continues to not justify his existence, way too long was spent sitting around having someone straight up infodump worthless nonsense, and while the fights had some effort put into them, they all unceremoniously ended once the fun non-fact of the day was recited by the narrator, coming to us live from Monster Hunter. I don't even get what they think the story is doing. Inside the greater battle royale, they're having some kind of lesser battle royale that hits the pause button on the first, except for the people who are just going to ignore it? Do I have this straight? I feel like I'm losing brain cells even trying to engage with any part of this season.

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One Lonely Comment

  • arknoir says:

    the only thing that is engaging about this show is teen badger’s attitude to everything. Oh and dear show….we get it. ratel don’t play that…no wait I prepare honey badger don’t care!