Killing Bites #01 — Thanks, Wakipedia!

January 12th, 2018


I wonder if there's a scriptwriter somewhere, sobbing that their name is associated with this.


I'd almost feel bad for mocking the nonsensical contrivance upon nonsensical contrivance that forms the opening hook of this show. I don't, but I can't imagine anybody defending any of it either. From the badger shrieking in terror upon being dragged into the rape van until remembering that wasn't her personality and never was, to the literal mountain of corpses, to the dude pawing at and licking the screen. Let's just leave it at "nothing makes an iota of sense" and move on to the hilariously awful direction. And I do mean hilarious, because I actually chuckled when, lacking an audience to provide commentary, the narrator helpfully cuts into the middle of the fight and loudly declares some random fact about animals. We go back to "nothing makes an iota of sense" though, because the 'facts' are utter nonsense. "A lion paralyzes its prey with its mighty roar." No. That's not how it works. National Geographic is crying. But don't worry, that's quickly followed by such scintillating dialogue like "My paralyzing roar was supposed to paralyze you, but you are not paralyzed!" Christ.

There actually is a decent enough action sequence hidden in the mess. Choreography, animation, the works. They even mostly shut up for about the 45 seconds when the animators were allowed to create something for their portfolio. The other 21 minutes of the episode though… Our hapless rape-van-driving protagonist spends the entire episode simpering in a pile of his own urine and boob grabbing. The girl cycles through a new personality every five minutes. One scene, shrieking rape victim. The next, cold badass. The next, cutesy airhead. The next, devoted slave. Not that it matters since most of it is spent on explaining the nonsense world to the blithering imbecile of a 'hero.' Why? Hell if I know. So he can continue blithering, but with the knowledge that raw insanity has consumed everything he knows, I suppose.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Man, I miss Bloody Roar (and rival schools too).
    This was as dumb as the manga (still prefer Arachnid), but eh, at least the action was nice.
    BTw that hair is disturbing, and not because the hair itself, but because it is in all the wrong places

  • jgoi says:

    Nice, now to tell others I like this more than devilman crybaby.