Hakumei & Mikochi #01 — Little Racists in the Woods

January 12th, 2018


It's because the beetles were black, isn't it?

There are five new premieres today (assuming I give the Jump show the time of day), plus two shows with episode #02s I want to at least have a solid look at rather than glance over, not to mention Vanishing Line finally graces us with a new episode again, so I'm getting at least one done in the morning before work in hopes of not being driven crazy by it all. I did quickly glance through the three other things that were up before I left though. Prospects are grim. 


You would think that with as little story or characters as there are, they'd make an effort to keep things consistent. It starts with one character lugging an entire dresser, while the other refuses to help out of laziness. Those are the only character traits. So two minutes later, they head off into the woods and one immediately collapses from the effort while the other tells her that she's unfit. We've now established that both characters are lazy, and both characters are hard workers. This would soon follow by one of them being grossed out by being around sentient beetles, but mantises are perfectly fine, so I guess you can also add racist to the list. Interesting strategy when you're punting on everything in the writing except the characters. And the background art, I guess.

I made snide comparisons to David the Gnome in the season preview for this, and I stand by them. In part one, they hear about a bird, want to go see the bird, tell a story about another time they saw a bird, and then see the same bird. The end. For part two, they go shopping and sing a song. That's it. That's the whole thing. As I'm getting entirely too sick of saying, there's no conflict, no narrative, no challenge that's in their path, nothing cool promised for the future, nothing. Two girls. They exist. Here's some excessively detailed backgrounds. The other people are mostly small animals. The dialogue is pure fluff, and the characters can't even remain consistent for more than ten seconds. They're just malleable balls of occasionally racist clay. 


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