Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens #01 — Wannabe

January 12th, 2018


Take a drink every time they say the word "killer" and you'll be dead before the first commercial.


You'd think it'd be easy to be interesting if you're using a transvestite killer for money. It begins with him declaring he's a killer, then flashes back to another time where he… declared that he's a killer. And then further explained that he's a transvestite. He's then dropped so we can wander around from character to character, each explaining in turn about how they're either out to kill someone, or can totally tell how other people kill people. It eventually ends in the same place it began, with the transvestite repeating what is apparently the show's tagline, that he's a killer.

We're fast approaching the point where a show that simply begins in media res will completely blow my mind. Or to repeat the refrain that is dominating this season: "Do something. DOOOOOOOOO SOMETHING." The closest thing to animated the show gets is when one of them pops a balloon… then followed by explaining how he popped a balloon, why he popped a balloon, and then another character repeats that a balloon has been popped. Even the one stabbing that happens in the episode happens off screen. The rest of it is just a parade of people repeating how into killing they are like it was written by a particularly poorly adjusted thirteen year old trying to sound cool. There's a company literally called "Murder Inc" for Zeus's sake, without a trace of irony. But all it does is talk. And talk. And talk, and even then, only makes it back to where the damn thing started.

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