Grancrest War #02 — Recruitment Drive

January 12th, 2018


Oh boy, a magical pet.


Well, an effort was made. Eventually. Temporarily. Because the budget is still barely above the crapper. You'd think they'd be able to put a little more effort in though considering that the first half was pure dross. Blondie summoned a magic pet, and a bisexual sadist sexual predator stumbled into the party. The rest of the time was spent introducing the team of midbosses that the party would be squaring off against in the second half… or not as the case may be since one of them gave up without doing a damn thing. Had all the little fights actually been animated with any kind of panache, it could've been at least a decent second half. Alas though. At least they weren't won by rules lawyering this time, but with knives in the eye or attempted suicidal bear hugs while being groped.

Still, any effort at all puts it ahead of probably about half the other shows I watched today. The real hero of the episode was easily the kid who was up against the sexual predator. Whoever you were, you possessed more tactical acumen and resistance to having a tongue shoved down your throat than a thousand anime protagonists. And speaking of our protagonists, ours showed up, told the heroine that it was man time for men like him, and then won his duel offscreen. So congrats on a godawful ending featuring the star of the show being a pissant and dragging everything right back down.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    You have to give them credit for keeping action going on episode 2 and for an episode 3 called war which means more action, I like that, and for at least having a competent MC.