Darting in the BronXX #02 — Assume the Position

January 20th, 2018


Boy, Japan. You need to get it together.


This show is exceptionally lucky it doesn't air on a weekday, and that Saturdays this season are a wasteland. This was another episode mainly characterized by how it decided to go with the most awful thing possible at every turn. I'll admit that it's almost fascinating for its godawfulness. Of particular note is how the piloting system is set up. The girls get a stripping sequence, then suited up in the traditional skintight pilot suits, complete with close-ups of their crotch at every step. They then get on their hands and knees while controllers sprout from their asses for the males to sit behind and pilot. They pilot girls, on their hands and knees, by the ass. Oh, and did I mention that the girls shriek and moan while it happens? Or can we just skip that because it's Japanese, so of goddamned course they do.

And if you think I'm making a big deal about that, it's because the rest of the episode was empty space. We have to regress to the mean, so that means A.) 75% of the episode is spent at Space Hogwarts, bumming around, and B.) Our doormat of a nothing protagonist that was barely even present for any of the episode somehow picks up a second slave girl to pilot, so apparently we're going to be hareming this up too. It's worst in the middle, because they all go through the horrid suiting up crap only to immediately ditch it and go back to Hogwarts. Which isn't to say that the enhareming end is any better, but at least someone got kicked. Once. Offscreen. And then the sheer emotion of teenage emotions took over and one tackled the other to end the fight. And isn't that the amazing Trigger action we're all here for?

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    I have no clue how a show can put a barely in her teens girl in 4 make her moan and then put a guy behind and make him heavy breath, is this acceptable in Japan, really?

    Beans says:

    everyday Im thankful for glorious japan.

  • algorithm says:

    Daimidaler did it better, plus it had penguins.

  • jgoi says:

    They need to go further, take inspiration from devilman crybaby.

  • residentgrigo says:

    No one needs to take inspiration from the even worse new Devilman but Darling could have worked if it was a (Gainax) satire.

    Instead we got a tired and creepy Frankenstein corpse assembled from about a dozen mech shows and popular shounen action shows. Bleh. The manga is also by the To Love Ru guy, so you know that the creators wanted to put on a propr soft-core porn but couldn´t find the investors.

  • Beans says:

    given the weak season, this show is one of the highlights for me. Good or bad, I hope it will be blazing and melodramatic like star driver