Beatless #02 — Happy Gender Inequality Day, Apparently

January 19th, 2018


Holy hell, is it a good thing that I watched Grancrest before this.


Grancrest's views on where women belong and what they should be doing seem almost subtle compared to an entire episode about a girl literally existing to do nothing but serve the person who owns her, only venturing out of the kitchen so that she can be dolled up and shown off. Not only is this her proper place and role, but nothing could possibly give her more joy in the world. She lives to serve her owner, whether he wants french toast, or pancakes. That was the entire goddamned episode. Joyfully cooking for her man, and being pimped out on the streets. At no point does our leading man, proponent for robot girls being treated equally, even understand how messed up any of this is. He doesn't have even the slightest iota of a thought in his body except about how great it is.

Way to fast track yourself to the chopping block, Beatless.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Something says:

    The show seems to want to make a point about these robo girls having free will and and what not but the main girl is basically a slave, lol.

    Tiresias says:

    Wasn’t there an anime where there’s an entire race of (female-shaped) monogender aliens whose shtick was “being a slave”? Was it Tears? Dears?

    jgoi says:

    The 2nd one…DearS was ok, minus the mc being a wimp part.

  • arknoir says:

    Fav part was when the idol manager threatened the MC and supabot with uploading pictures of the two of them together on the net if they didn’t join the idol agency. What pics, of them eating Knickerbocker glory’s at a family diner? Kalen Allen would ‘react’ to that.

  • The Phantom says:

    I was at some point expecting the Robo girl to reveal she was using the dude all along, go all cyber fugly and kill him, that would be fun, not this, specially not the teen robot part, they even threaten with a robo idol song, no, no no, just no, fuck this show.