Beatless #01 — Weird Science

January 12th, 2018


This could probably use some Oingo Boingo.


And here's our second new magical girlfriend 'action' show of the day, much more in the standard vein. Boy stumbles into monster, alien girl saves boy, girl forces boy to form ass-pull master-slave partnership forcing them together. Our hero's sole personality trait is Nice Guy. To the extreme. He's so nice, he's even nice to robot girls, and nobody gives a rat's ass about robot girls, am I right? It didn't do anywhere near enough work on that front for that to come off as anything but grossly sociopathic, particularly while holding up the lifelike dripping severed arm a cat was chewing on. Our heroines sole personality trait is "is a girl." Both their families suck. It's certainly not rocking the boat as far as cliches go, nor is it going to woo anybody in with promises of asskicking, no matter how oversized the weapons are, or how long the marriage sequence is. Particularly not for how mundane it was either. I think they were reading off the EULA. The 'monster' is a robot housewife with its head on backwards, and a car. Mostly the car. Not even a cow-car like Melody of Oblivion had. Just a car that was hacked by some magic science bugs. Someone also shoots a laser at a wall. Eat your heart out, Killing Bites.

It does use sound distinctively, particularly silence in places, which is always a blessing, especially given the near psychopathic diaolgue about the setting that dominated the beginning. There's also not as much screaming as just about every other show I've watched today. My, how standards erode. It was still mostly boring though. Precious little beyond the stale magical girlfriend contract bit happened, and it didn't even do that in a particularly flashy or titillating way. I sincerely doubt that the audio mixing is enough to carry this, but hell if I can point to any other part of this episode that had anything else I want to see more of either.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Neclord X says:

    I must admit, the part with the “Push yes if you accept the terms of use and all legal responsability for the murderbot actions” was funny.
    Aside for that, the show was as bland and generic as the main carácter.