Fate/Apocrypha #23 — The Flashback and Talking Episode, Pt21

December 16th, 2017


Boy, I love flashbacks and prattling.


With all that effort (by other people) out of the way last week, it's time to… continue with our third or fourth miniboss fight, disposing of pointless side characters before we can get to the big boss, who's been playing in the sandbox in the shadow realm for the past 23 episodes. And since they aren't bringing in outside talent to do the work for them, that means that it's back to being super lazy with the action. Assassin vs Saber consisted entirely of one of them running in circles and the other sitting rock still. Occasionally, one would grunt. Then there was a big explosion and both died. The end.

Then, we move on to Ruler vs Shakespeare. Which we'll be continuing next week. Mostly though, it was a modified flashback of the flashback we've already mostly seen, but now with more angst, clutching of the head, and grunting. Shakespeare's plan to talk the ears off and drown them in angst wouldn't be more compelling if the characters didn't already do both those things as their default states of being anyway. And it's not even complete! This is the cliffhanger! That started twelve goddamned minutes into the episode! Will Ruler manage to go "Oh wait, I'm being manipulated?" Or will she sink into the despairest of despair? Will Shirou finish playing in the sandbox in the shadow realm in time to join the ending? Tune in next week for I don't care.

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