Fate/Apocrypha #21 — Greco-Roman Wrasslin

December 2nd, 2017


That's why you don't wear scarves to a fight.


I feel like there should be a lot more wind while people are standing on top of airplanes, pontificating at each other. Or at the very least, the roar of engines drowning them out. But no. They're up there, idly chatting in a normal volume, in nothing more than a light breeze. Now here's the fun bit. Am I talking about the start of the episode, the middle of the episode, or the cliffhanger for the episode? Because that's how we start with the Greek Boys, that's where we go back to with the Greek Boys before engaging in fisticuffs, where we go back to again after fisticuffs, and then it's where we end with the Babysitter's Club. So even if any of these fights had any dramatic weight behind them for character or plot reasons (they didn't), it still started with padding, ended with padding, and filled much of the middle with it as well.

As for the other two 'fights,' only one lasted more than five seconds. Sorry, Lancer. Guess you're the designated jobber. Rider vs Assassin consisted of one sitting there as the fight happened in the air probably about a mile away, while the other crashed through lasers and walls. I'm not even entirely sure what eventually dropped him. I mean, a laser, sure, but I couldn't tell you what made that laser that he flew straight into particularly different from the previous ten lasers. At least it, and the Greek Boys going at it, was actually animated, if also had a bizarre, exceptionally arbitrary ending where one all of a sudden just decided he could punch straight through the other… and did! And of course, having an exploded lung isn't enough to stop someone from monologuing at length.

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