Whale Babies #05 — Words, Not Actions

November 5th, 2017


The hallmark of all inspiring leaders.


Another tremendously uneventful and uninteresting episode. Frankly, if shooting the Lavos-thing in the face makes the ship do sick wheelies, then arrows ahoy. But that's pretty much about all that happened this week. Some randos shot some arrows, and then it was exposition time, followed by exposition time, followed by exposition time, followed by speech time about how there are hard times ahead and they may need to fight. And then a baby spontaneously started crying. Subtlety. So our tortured teenager began crying too. And if you're wondering how the midboss fight last week ends, they just up and stop after trading a blow or two. Boy, was that ever satisfying. When are the clowns coming back to kill some more randos? That was the only time it ever felt like any damn thing was actually happening.

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  • ark noir says:

    I wanna know who the papa is to that magical loli and that giant baba yaga rocking chair on seaweed?


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