Fate/Apocrypha #20 — Complicated Plans

November 25th, 2017


He not only drew that, but thought it was important enough to roll up and carry around.


Yet another in a string of pretty terrible episodes consisting mostly of padding. It did contain a rare laugh when Zieg took out a big piece of paper and unfurled their master strategy… which consisted of about three symbols with one line drawn between two of them. And then, while they took time out to explain this hugely complex diagram, they added one more line. Christ, guys. That barely even qualifies as a plan, let alone something that would need a diagram for. A six year old's napkin doodle probably has more tactical value than his little scribble of two thirds of a triangle.

Otherwise, same ol', same ol'. The entire thing was talking heads blathering to hear their own voices. In the last minute or two, the various established rivals (some established for four months now) square up to re-announce their rivalhood… and then the episode ends. Thrilling. Some of them don't even have designated rivals yet. Guess we know who the designated jobbers are then. What good use we have for these characters. Meanwhile, Shirou, our big bad himself, has stripped and is on a metaphysical fanservice trip. Two months to take off his shirt. Maybe he spent the whole thing working on his pecs.

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