The Ancient Magus’s Bride #01 — Feral Fairies

October 7th, 2017


"I was very surprised" said the people who know absolutely nothing about fairies.


Yawn. The gauntlet of shows this morning takes its toll, and I was having trouble staying awake through this. I suspect I would've anyway since it spends about 18 of the 22 minutes covering the two sentence premise blurb on the website with only about two characters, each more dull than the other. The girl especially is of the blank-stare variety. Yeah, I get she's supposed to be broken inside, but that doesn't stop the bored internal narration for even a moment. That only ceases when there's external narration, almost always from Mr. Goat Skull. It's not an eventful episode, nor am I anything but tired of the characters already.

It's not exactly an inspired premise to begin with, and mostly the fact that Mr. Goat Skull is (not really) named Mr. Goat Skull is what separates it from a whole lot of uncomfortable other "older, powerful man takes in vulnerable girl" things. Usually, the girl is a cheery fairy princess, or even more often, the melodramatic damaged girl is a boy, but I'm not giving it points for mixing that up slightly, and especially not when it's still going to try to draw things in a silly fashion at complete random. Stick to your guns at least. If you want to be boringly, weepily melodramatic, milk that angle. Make me actually feel bad for someone. Or at least try. Or go ahead and mope around for twenty minutes, staring like a lumpfish as things are explained to you, in between self-narration of what we're all seeing. That's great too.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    Trust the fairies, what could possibly go wrong?

    jgoi says:

    genderbent bubsy R34

  • ark noir says:

    is there a character in this show who isn’t trying to groom, nonce or sell the MC girl?

    Kurizu says:

    Nope she is just a mcguffin more than a character.