Recovery of an MMO Junkie #01 — Dialogue By Nintendo

October 6th, 2017


Why say something twice when you can say it five times?

This doesn't actually air in Japan until October 9th, but here we are, so…


The continued anime 'adaptations' of not-MMOs-at-all are a thing that continues to mystify me. MMOs combine grinding and other people, two of the worst inventions of humanity to date, and then lionize the ever living hell out of them without the slightest understanding of either, and this is no different. As far as those two extremes, it leans more towards a slobbery knobjob of how friendly and wonderful people are online and how everyone's always blushing rather than how awesome, amazing, and serious MMOs are, so it's merely friends with 5,134,428 other shows, rather than 7,198,415.

It's bad. Very bad. Definitely not a comedy. Definitely not dramatic in any way or sense of the word. Hardly animated half the time. What it does accomplish is consuming time by having characters repeat all the things that they just saw happen. There needs to be a better word for that besides padding… something that carries with it the violation of the act of writing, and of all our collective time. "Level up." "You have reached level 8." "Wow, I leveled up!" "Congratulations on leveling up!" My god, people. Trees died to produce that script. You're making me want to join them.

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