Kino’s Journey 2017 #02 — Rerun

October 13th, 2017


Losing interest rapidly…


Since this was billed as a reboot, I expected some repetition was inevitable, but I didn't expect it to come this quickly or this half-heartedly. At least it wasn't a two part episode like it was in the original run, but hell if I know what you can even say it accomplishes besides changing the art a little bit and being mercifully shorter. Can't even say it's better animated than the original either, and isn't that a dismal statement on both series godawful production. You could tell the same story in a different way. Or use the same structure and frame things differently. Or use the same start and end but alter the middle. Or just do something new and different. Instead, we just get a redrawn repeat with some of the chaff cut out. They could've at least spruced up the fights a little. Well, the main fight at least, since Gun-Haver is meant to be the Indiana Jones scene each time. Still doesn't get any better with repetition, and especially not when the repetition is completely wrapped up inside of a greater repetition.

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