Kino’s Journey #04 — Ship of Fools

October 27th, 2017


Thanks for the multiple infodumps explaining everything, motorcycle.


This particular bit of boring nonsense is about a country that's a ship, but unlike the country that's a tank, is a dystopia. After about 15 minutes, we get to "it's falling apart." Another couple minutes to "the ignorant masses refuse to believe the truth," whereupon our protagonists immediately and heroically give up and stop caring. This is then followed by a truly nonsensical infodump about how the whole place is actually run by benevolent AI overlords. Also, the random machine-like girl they picked up along the way is, quite literally, just some random orphan someone left on the ship, having absolutely nothing to do with anything. How did we come by this? Also via infodump! What a tapestry we weave.

I think this is where this show and I part ways. I want to like it, I really do, but it's so poorly executed on just about every level. There's so much time spent on absolutely goddamned nothing. You can't have a character just go to bed, they have to announce that it's bed time, explain how the lights have gone out, declare their intention to go to bed, say good night to everything in a five block radius, and then roll over and actually go to sleep. Every goddamned scene is like this. It contributes nothing, except to the run time. And this episode is especially egregious for having a giant asspull stream of utter nonsense dumped out long after the fact to explain everything. Aside from the rehash episode, this was the least tone-deaf one of them all, and it was still dreadfully boring with no real insight on anything to share.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ark noir says:

    the people were justified in having nothing to do with the loli cos she as we’ve seen in hindsight…..a bit nuts.

    All I want from this series is why the dog and bike talking.

    Probably M*g*c

  • Dr. Pest says:

    I think it’s a mix between the old series omitting the worst chapters and changing a lot of stuff on the one side and me being too old for these kinds of simplicistic morals on the other sides. I bet I would have been all “OOOHH” about the stupid people’s decision to return to the ship while ignoring Shizu’s (AKA Kino’s carbon copy, but this time it’s male!) warnings at the end of this episode – yes I would have found this interesting and deep.. 15 years ago when I was a young teen.
    Nowadays I can only visualize an imaginary facepalm over this kind of simplified world view.

    Yes I get it, everyone whom Kino opposes is stupid as shit and everybody she sides with is innocent, even when they’re genociding whole tribes by rolling over them. But try making me believe Kino’s supposed to be neutral.