King’s Game #02 — Brains of Goldfish

October 12th, 2017


"If I have to do something, might as well take sadistic, rapacious glee in doing it."


As with many of these things for me, now that the spectacle has worn off, I ask "What else have you got?" And the clownfest responds with "more clowns, but with slightly different facepaint." Knowing that I'm stretching this analogy too far, a circus has elephants, lions, tigers, trapeze artists, etc. Even Cirque du Soleil is all about the tumbling, not the sheer press of clowns. Because clowns may be good to startle you every now and then, or for a cheap gag, but that's all. And spectacle dulls when it's the same spectacle over and over again. It was obvious from the start that the boys' night out would end in anguished screaming, and that was the main thrust of the whole episode.

…A least until the last couple minutes, where it decided to clown up everything by having the female lead start giving supervillain speeches out of nowhere, amazingly made worse by every other character spontaneously forgetting everything she said and done not thirty seconds later. It's like if Dr. Doom gave a speech about how he was going to obliterate the city, dragged Mr. Fantastic off into an alley, and then screamed for help. It certainly could've worked as the end of a character arc, forcing them to do more and more awful things in order to survive. But as the first goddamned reaction to adversity? It's clowns all the way down. And I'm already pretty tired of them.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea the writing is awful is completely incoherent, I think they altered the source I doubt the base material is as bad as this, but regardless this is really bad. Ohh yea and on top of being godawful we also have flashback inserts probably for the whole season, epic.

    dP says:

    Nobody also seems to have noticed that when you receive strange messages telling you to do something, and people who don’t spontaneously erupt in blood or hang themselves, there might be something strange, criminal, or uncanny going on.

    I would think someone would, at this point, have suggested one of the following:

    “It’s ghosts – a curse!!!!” – “Let’s panic about the supernatural, get an exorcist / check the internet for black magic rituals / find a priest”


    “Someone is out to get us! Call the POLICE!!!!”


    “Maybe we’re drugged – hallucinating …” (that would at least explain the bizarre mood swings and homicidal/suicidal acts…)


    “If this has happened before, maybe there’s something online about it… why don’t we do a web search?” (It might not find anything, but hey, it’s worth a shot…)

    Given that the King hasn’t bothered to say “If you tell anyone about the Game, you will die” both of these seem reasonable.

    dP says:

    Also, of course, when a class has a 33% mortality rate in a few days, even in Anime Land you would expect a massive official investigation and so on.

  • sage says:

    I think they altered the source I doubt the base material is as bad as this

    Dunno where this assumption is coming from.