Inuyashiki #01 — The Man With Only One Expression

October 12th, 2017


To be fair, nobody seems to have any expressions.


…And the dogs are made of CGI. And the music is some guy twiddling sadly on a piano, unless he's doing bad RPG fight music. I think the writer might live in a cave as well for all their understanding of… well, just about everything. Doesn't matter what it is. Everyone has the samed bored reaction. "You're going to die." "I got us a dog." "This is your new house." "No wait, it's actually this other house." "You have guns for arms." All the same. All nothing. And with the animation to match. If it's not CGI, it's probably just a chin moving on an otherwise completely rock-still face. The bit where the titular character first literally comes apart features this spectacular zoom out where he and and the CGI dog are hovering in the air because the background and 'foreground' are bein zoomed at different speeds, so it looks like they're sliding along the bed/floor.

I suppose the point that I'm eventually making my way towards is that this is fighting over which aspect can be the cheapest, senseless, and most amateur. But it's the story that counts, eh? Not the presentation. …At least that's what people always tell me. This is a first episode with the same summary as the series description blurb, which is in and of itself, just a generic superhero origin story. Boy down on luck. Boy gets super powers. Boy uses them against random gang of internet teenage serial killers. Except boy in this case is old man. And yet, we somehow haven't even gotten to the obligatory Uncle Ben speech, so… and this is the crazy part… we're still not even done with the damn setup. But at least he doesn't have an internal monologue. Unless we already are hearing it, and it's just the same white noise that fills about 75% of the rest of the episode.

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  • Sol says:

    RE: “I think the writer might live in a cave as well for all their understanding of… well, just about everything”

    Self portrait?

  • :-) says:


  • Neclord X says:

    I was kind of dissapointed with this one, I expected great things of it and happened to be pretty meh.

    Also, there is any fucking kid in the entire world that would look that desinterested and against if the dad brought home a dog? I mean, I find more believable the alien thing than the annoyed kid for getting a dog.

  • abc says:

    Old Dudes will perhaps remember of an OAV where an Bedridden old Men, get an Hi-Tech Hospital Bed with an KI, and in the end the Bed merged with this Old Men nearly into an Mecha.. I am talking about “Roujin Z”

    Perhaps this is the successor.. Or an Child of Bubbelgum Crisis meets an old “Boomer”

    Neclord X says:

    I not only remember Roujin Z, here in Spain it was the very first anime shown in TV…well, obviously there was lot of japanese anime on TV before of that, like Seiya, Captain Tsubasa, etc etc but those were considered “cartoons”, but this one (Roujin Z I mean) together with Appleseed were the first ones that appeared on TV with the qualification of “Anime” well, actually around here it was called “Manga” movies we refered to anime as “Manga” during all the 90s