Fate/Apocrypha #17 — Date Night

October 28th, 2017


Can we just pretend like the first 15 minutes of this episode didn't exist?


A date montage? Really? That chewed up over half the episode? The hell does that contribute to goddamned anything? Not that the other syrupy or growly conversations did either. So that's enough said about the first two thirds of the episode. Let's pretend it didn't exist.

The last we get back to Jack again in our little extended sidequest. And once again, just like last week, all that blathering over how they need to find her for any reason whatsoever, or her grabbing Random Unidentified Magical Widget are rendered null and void when she pops up out of nowhere to to try kill them. And this has the extra satisfying conclusion of her master getting offed almost off-handedly by RArcher, who hasn't even been a single part of any of the Jack stuff. She was apparently just hanging around. Because god help us if anybody who's been a part of this little side event pops the little girl piñata. 

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  • abc says:

    Well, every Fate Anime has some kind of Dolphins