Fate/Apocrypha #16 — Side Mission

October 24th, 2017


No, it's cool. Let's put everything on hold for this.

Since I'm taking the day off and already subjecting myself to a marathon of blogging, I gave Blend-S one more shot. I only made it about two minutes because there were two conversations going:
"I love X."
"You really like X, don't you?"
TWO CONVERSATIONS. Writers, what the hell are you even doing? Mothballs? 


Like Kino, this episode was mostly padding and nonsense. The first half was especially awful for it. Yeah, sure, we can establish that Sieg's transformations have a deadly price, but we didn't need about five minutes of sitting around a table hearing a lecture about it, especially if we're then going to just ignore him for the rest of the episode. It's the kind of thing you end an episode on after he actually did something with it, not start an episode where it's just some random factoid having jack all to do with anything else in it. Although that was kind of the entire theme for the episode.

Basically everything about girl-Jack was the same boat. They make a big deal about how she's killed a few random people and is therefore priority #1, and how she has special powers preventing them from remembering the absolutely nothing that they know about her, and then in the last five minutes, she walks right up through the front gate to kill them and/or steal random stuff, thereby actually making her actual priority #1 for actual reasons, having nothing at all to do with a single thing mentioned in the first 15 minutes of the episode. Editors, cut those goddamned 15 minutes. Hell, you could've started the episode at about 18 minutes in and shuffled the Sieg crap to after his little fight to make it about 75% less of an idiotic ass pull brought on by the strain of carrying too much potpourri. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • jgoi says:

    Fucks at negative 10000something, moe jack in cloak wrong, does not give stiffy.

    Why show, you barely use jack and now she’s covered up while you force saber-clone #4 and fma-boy’s romance in my face.