Fate/Apocrypha #15 — Meet and Greet Pt 4

October 14th, 2017


Well, this sure was a fat load of squat.


It began with Team Shirou sitting around, announcing their motivations to each other like it was the first day of Cub Scouts. Eventually Team Sabers would get around to… more or less the goddamned same, but with perhaps a little more retrospective and a little more putting rocks on a table. That's what I wanted to see. Rocks on a table. Plus a few flashbacks here and there. And that's it. Nobody actually did anything this week. There was absolutely no plot movement whatsoever. No action. No promise of action to come. You could count the number of scenes and/or rooms that things took place in on one hand. And this is a show that had a goddamned recap clips episode less than a month ago. This was idiotic.

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