Fate/Apocrypha #14 — Drink Every Time They Say Eden

October 7th, 2017


Ow, my liver.


Another not particularly exciting episode. The first half was especially more or less everyone just kind of putzing around, doing recap and review, mostly waiting for something to happen. It took half the episode to get to the point where something did, and it was in the form of another Caster golem. God willing, this is the last time we're subjected to such. Things did get a little strange when Rider was bopping his gryphon on the head while it squeaked, and god, I wish that was a euphemism, but hell if I have any idea what it would be for. 

At least it was ten minutes of something sort of approaching a fight, and parts of it even animated. Not most of it. But the start and end were. Still, that's a world better than last week's twenty minutes of talking and 5 seconds of beheading. Everything just kind of stopped when Saber showed up for everyone to ramble nonsense about how super extra invulnerable the golem was, its vast array of powers (invulnerability and being large), the horrible crisis they were in, and how they needed to be going all out, despite having not really broken a sweat yet, and only lost a couple of the neverending supply of throwaway red shirts. And then they put in I guess about 15% more effort and one-shot it. I think they blew the budget for the episode a little early, and were entirely too proud of the shot of the two Sabers posing together. 

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