Evil or Live #01 — “Let’s Torture Some Teenagers”

October 10th, 2017


Should it get points for abandoning its terrible premise in the time it takes to make a sandwich?


This might have been stupider than I expected. The very premise exists for maybe a minute or two and is then completely and utterly jettisoned. Nobody is "addicted to the internet" at all. The only even slight nod towards that is someone every now and then references some internet thing. Hell, they're not even 'addicts' in any sense. They're just a bunch of teenagers. It's just the flimsiest excuse for torturing teenagers from the crime of being teenagers. Because that's what adult society does. Torture teenagers. For fun. I guess then that my expectation that it might have any parallels to conversion therapy were somehow too high.

And yet, that doesn't keep it from also gawking at cleavage, and my favorite, this one moment where it decides that it's been way too serious and melodramatic, so it makes a gay joke and goes all cartoony for approximately three seconds. It's this weird stupid little gag bit that's out of absolutely nowhere in a morass of whiney melodrama, and then quickly followed by heavy breathing, ogling girls, and taking about how they're going to use their manliness to screw them all. How it managed to go from bad to worse, I don't know, but it's like a page from a completely different show's script got slipped in.


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