Dies Irae #00 — Profiles in Talking

October 6th, 2017


Putting that crowdfunding money to good use.


Ah, yes. The noble visual novel adaptation. You'd think that for a setting supposedly about magic time traveling Nazis, there'd be more action and less dry blathering on endlessly, but the extended Fate franchise proved that wrong years ago. There are 'action' scenes, where people almost fight, but invariably, they clash once, then jump back to have a conversation. One time, they clash, freeze in mid air, the camera spins around them, and then they jump back and have a conversation. Another time, they clash, and the camera cuts away to some other people having a conversation. And speedlines? You bet your sweet ass there's speedlines! But only when we don't have to cut away for more close-ups of faces talking, which is always.

So no. It was not a blood-pumping anything. It was not an action oriented anything. It often pretended like it was going to be, but never stepped up to the plate, and most of its overtures were just in the form of speedlines and someone's eyes glowing while they smirked or sneered. It was about twenty minutes of talking heads droning on interminably about Nazi this, power level that. As poor as the non-action is, the rest is only just a hair's breadth away from godawful. My favorite part was when some guy starts cackling madly. The way they animate that is by having his jacket rustle. His body, exposed chest and all, stays still as a statue, and some, not all, of his clothing begins vibrating. Those speedlines must've taken more out of the budget than I thought.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Neclord X says:

    This one was phisically painful to watch, I had certain expectatives because back in the day I saw the CG set of the game and looked like discount Fate. But this was just…terrible, it can’t be described in other way.

  • The Phantom says:

    Yea faces and speedlines, ALL THE TIME, o yea and talking lots of talking then more faces and speedlines, calling this awful is a terrible understatement.