Code: Realize #01 — Dapper Cyber Corgi

October 7th, 2017


I assume the top hat is bolted on.

There's six shows to get through this morning (five if you don't count joke posts, two if you only count things I have even marginal hope for), and I've also got to run out and do some errands or risk further excretions from a diarrhetic puppy. I'll get to everything eventually, but expect some gaps and delays.


I suppose I can at least discern what the general plot is supposed to be. How low a bar is it that I can say that's probably a positive? That doesn't salvage just about every other tedious part of this. The protagonist especially is a particularly egregious slack-jawed moron that spends the entire thing half asleep, repeating the last word that was said to her. The most interesting thing she does is open her dress to ask why anybody could possibly want a super weapon embedded in her. They then have to explain that super weapons can be used as weapons, so she asks if someone wants to use it as a weapon. That's the kind of amazing dialogue and characterization you can expect.

Production and direction would match, although that probably goes without saying. It's not well animated, and I have questions about how she killed a wild pack of dogs. They attacked her while she was hugging the cyber-corgi, so she couldn't have taken her gloves off. And yet, not a single hair was ruffled, or her dress scuffed. I can only imagine that she aggressively rubbed her face on them. Now that is something I'd have liked to see, rather than the various parade of pretty boys sparkling with the glow of being teenage heartthrobs.

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