Children of the Whale(s) #01 — The Endless Monologue

October 8th, 2017


I think this out-monologued Zodiac War.


This was basically the start of Every RPG Ever, only with 400% more internal narration. It's screaming for the entire village to be slaughtered to spur the unwilling lump of loam we're calling the protagonist into adventure, which I unfortunately know from the promo videos if nothing else, won't be happening any time soon, if ever. Not even intelligent internal narration. Just explaining things that he sees and feels, or reviewing the history of himself, his village, everyone around him, etc, all for the sake of the telepathic parasite that has infested his brain. It's incessant. And rarely adds anything but random lore factoids at best. It's very rarely at its best.

I struggled to maintain interest the whole way, from opening narration to concluding narration. The first ten minutes is wasted space and time. The next ten is generic RPG setup without getting to the actual jumping off point. And I want the entire cast to die. The animation is average at best, and any sense of an organic magical world died somewhere along the fifteenth internal monologue about it. Your setting and maybe sort of artistic style both mean jack without actually giving it life through characters or story, and after twenty minutes, both of those still exist only in potential. If it's wasting that much time already, the future looks grim.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • abc says:

    Well, the World or this gigantic Stone Ship is different, and got my curiosity

    Mmm, lets see. Color, setting and world building so far, it looks good

  • ark noir says:

    this looks like it could fill the gaping hole left by made in abyss after it selfishly ended. I shall wait and see….