Children of the Whale #02 — Be the Goo

October 15th, 2017


Embrace the goo. Live the goo. 


Somewhere, there will be someone complaining that they haven't even gotten to explaining the animal husbandry of the island, let alone the history of its pottery, before the evil clown empire invaded. This episode manages, in twenty two minutes, to reach about where the first episode should've been after ten minutes. Which is to say that it was another enormous waste of time spent puttering around, listening to the internal thoughts of a tiresome dingus, monotone exposition about magical CGI goop, and apropos of goddamned nothing, random boring blushing and fumbling around over having a crush. And then in the last three seconds, a warship full of literal clowns appears and opens fire in the most exciting of stills ever.

Your cliffhanger (and opening for that matter), and the other 45 or so minutes of content that you've shown are at complete odds, JC Staff. You're getting maybe one more episode to figure it the hell out, depending on my patience next week, and I'm hoping you embark on the path of clownslaughter, not continuing to root around in the dirt while dullards drone incessantly down the list of Fun Facts I Thought Up About This Setting.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • abc says:

    Bah, that ending here..

    There are also forces that punish and kill the ones that have not their Emotion in check… but then how they find it out? perhaps someone “telephone” them these run aways, for not others want to follow them.. then the old 5 person ones are responsibility for this

    yeap, like some anime in the past, where PSI powers need to suppress their emotions, and how could not control them would get killed