Anime Chats #01 — Not Actually About Anime At All

October 8th, 2017


Also, a mind control beret.


I've made no secret for my distaste of the sloppy blowjobs anime has for itself… or rather, a completely idealized version of itself that exists only in anime's own imagination. Luckily, this would have almost nothing at all to do with anime. You could substitute basically any random noun in here and it would be the exact same generic club show. Generally, it's one of the fine arts, but just as often, it's absolutely nothing at all. Well, there is this super weird bit about a beret which seems to mindrape the lead every time she touches it, but that's not hard considering her head is a void in which not a single thing exists. It's also present for about 10 total seconds of the episode. 

Which is an appropriate segue into the content of the episode. Another one of those "we have girls, they do their best, what else do we need?" deals. The answer obviously being "a CGI idol ED sequence." There's no comedy. There's no conflict. There's no drama. There are only girls. Doing their best. The dialogue rises to the level of "Wow! That's an issue of Super Ultra Anime!" "Oh. Is that an anime magazine?" So the girls are all complete imbeciles as well. 

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